Tuesday, May 5, 2009


For the last post I want to make a declaration that any content which contains in my blog is my own view and there is no intention to promote or critique anything about Al-Ikhsan. Its only a personal view or interest towards Al-Ikhsan product and their strategy to become the best sports shop in Malaysia. Although it sell imported goods, but when we want to buy it we think Al-Ikhsan despite Nike or Adidas boutique. This is our own brand that we need to support and proud of. We are Malaysian and we should proud of it.


  1. Hi friend, your overall blog is ok...there have more picture in your blog but you can add more gadget or video are related your title. It can be attracting more people come to visit your blog and you also can add some music!!!

  2. Al-Ikhsan is a joke of a sport store.I will never buy from there.Stupid uneducated and lazy locals work there, with no product knowledge or service delivery.typical.the gurney store is pathetic.The stock is always old,redundant, and junk stock that they probably bought at nothing.They have a far way to reach european heights.the name itself is ridiculous.