Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Experience!!

Have you ever read the newspaper and coming across the Al-Ikhsan advertisements, you drooled at the prices of the goods on display? Well, you’ve got to admit that some, if not most of the goods there can be bought for quite a bargain. Some going even as low as RM50 below the average price range. I recently decided to purchase a pair of shoes from Al-Ikhsan after setting eyes upon one of the models that was shown in the newspaper. Well, only RM140 for a pair of Nike shoes…who wouldn’t want it? That was what I thought. I went there on the weekend and saw that particular model displayed on the shelf. When I tried it on, I was so disappointed! It was really hard and uncomfortable. I tried a few more other models that were also going for around that price range, and when I finally found one, I asked the shopkeeper for the other half. I was feeling good. A pair of shoes that weren’t too bad looking and bought for a bargain. The other half came shortly. I was shocked! When I compared both sides, one was yellow while the other was white. The display unit was yellowish, exposed to dusty environment. I asked her for a new pair. Guess what? Last Pair! I went on to enquire about 5 other models. All also is the last pair. How to do now?? No wonder all so cheap. It’s all the last pair and nobody wants it due to its faulty condition. What for pay for something that you’re not happy with? The shopkeeper told me, You want a new one? Here, RM230 plus. Smart advertising. They got me by making me come all the way here. So that means it won’t make any difference if I had went to a Nike or Adidas outlet instead. The ones are almost the same price anyway. I’m talking about quality here.Im really frusterated. Then again, perhaps most of you already realised this. Haha!! Hopefully all of you will not experience this.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Al-Ikhsan vs Local Competitor

I think its quiet so long since my last post. Nevermind, Im still here to express my own opinion about Al-Ikhsan. Now I want to comment about other sports outlet which I think also competing to sale their brand. Anyone have went to GS Gill at Kuala Lumpur? They stood there a few decades ago as a Malaysia's largest sporting goods and accessories supplier and has emerged as the leading choice store throughout Malaysia. Yeay maybe it was but now I dont think so. Their goods are more expensive compare to Al-Ikhsan. Sure. Maybe it stated in Kuala Lumpur thats why. Plus its lack of promotion to create public awareness become their weakness to compete with other major sports outlet.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Al-Ikhsan Sale Promotion

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Event Information:
Al-Ikhsan offers you a great price and everyone can afford to buy plus you also will get to redeem FREE GIFT in a single receipt. (For new Arrivals only) HAPPY SHOPPING!

Brands Offered:
Nike, Adidas, Adidas Originals, Diadora, Line 7, Lotto, Puma, Reebok, Topper, Umbro.

All Al-Ikhsan Outlets.


England's New Kit Arrive At Al-Ikhsan??

England's New Kit
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I’m sure at Malaysia there is a lot of England’s football team fan. Because we watch English premier league almost every week and we know all their players. Then I would like to share my interest with all of you about England’s new kit. Umbro had tried to keep the exact look of the new kit under wraps and the reaction to the clean, collared all-white look was broadly positive. The sportswear company says the initial inspiration was the all white strip Sir Alf Ramsey's team wore against Argentina in the 1966 World Cup quarterfinals. The shirt has just a red company logo, a pale blue Three Lions insignia and a 'tonal white' star to celebrate the 1966 World Cup win. I hope this new kit will arrive to Malaysia and of course Al-Ikhsan will provide this product with a good and affordable price.