Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top 5 High Rated!! Stay Alert!!

First.....Mercurial Vapor IV-Worn by the world's fastest and deadliest players including Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba, the Mercurial Vapor IV is one of the lightest boots ever made. With maximum strength, ventilation, comfort and movement, it's a revolutionary boot designed to strike fear into opponents and leave rivals in its wake.

Second.....T90 Laser II-The sweeter your sweet spot, the more bitter your rivals, the new Total 90 Laser II shotshield technology helps make your passing pinpoint and your shooting deadly. Its revolutionary v-twin lacing system gives you superior boot-to-ball contact, and its outsole with hybrid traction elements offers improved comfort and excellent grip. Worn by the great striker including Wayne Rooney.

Third.....Predator Powerswerve-Built for unprecedented power, swerve and control. More than a decade in the making, they are the gold standard for the elite footballer including Steven Gerrard and Michael Ballack.

Fourth.....Nike Jersey Malaysia Away-This blue colour jersey for Malaysian team was built for agility and power (perhaps our team also like that). From my observation, this kit always sold out. Malaysia Boleh!!

Fifth.....Nike Jersey Manchester United Home-As usual the Red Devil come in red to strike fear into opponents. hehe. Im one of the Man Utd fans who bought this kit and the most popular jersey which been sold in Al-Ikhsan.

Those are according to me only..hope all of u enjoy it and try to grab one in the near store. For those who dont have any intention for it im sorry. See you later


  1. Nice intro of Nike products ~

    Obviously u r Nike loyalty supporter ~


  2. u're doing good huh?? shud i inform al-ikhsan bout you?haha

  3. I like the nike mercurial IV. nice

  4. hi, i visited the al-ikhsan webpage. I found out there is a women nike shoes very nice and i check the outlet list.Melaka Megamall has its outlet. Do you know whch floor and near to which shop I may want to go the shop. thx ya